What is CashStash?

CashStash facilitates peer to peer payments &
remittances at a cost of less than a penny on the dollar.

We built a platform using
blockchain technology

CashStash allow users to send, receive and share money with friends/family. The send, receive and share functionality will also be extended to businesses and organizations.

More importantly, users will have the ability to track expenses with a built-in spending analyzer. CashStash will provide no more hassles and gruesome experiences in making or accepting payments.

CashStash have also developed the digital currency CSH Coin, which allow users to send, receive and share funds worldwide in a cost-efficient manner. Users will now remain financially connected no matter where that individual is located. Lastly, other excellent features that makes CashStash revolutionary will be released in app upgrades.

What is Crypto?
How it works

Problems & Solutions

The modern American needed an app that would allow users the opportunity to share, plan, invest, make payments and take care of remittances.
Our team was able to fill that void and deliver other revolutionary features all in one app.


Unsafe technology, high transaction costs, you name it. The platforms, apps and wallets are not staying abreast with the needs and expectations of the modern-day consumer. The various sources never managed to keep up with the developments in service, retail or any other industry. ‘Making Payments, Receiving Funds and Sharing’ are all common features within Fintech that many sources haven’t perfected.



We have put a tremendous amount of research, design and brainstorming into creating the best app for users to make payments, receive funds and share currency. Based on our interaction with many prospective users, we developed a spend analyzer which help users keep track of their financials in a one-touch manner. More importantly, CashStash offers a payment feature that allow users to pay by scanning a QR Code anywhere/anytime. Download the app to learn more about the awesome features.

CashStash App

Mobile App

Our mobile app is designed with the sole purpose of making the users’ life easier.
From sharing wallets with friends/family to tracking your expenses, it does it all for you.

Android & ios app

CashStash have launched the Android and iOS versions of its mobile app. Users are able to make full use of our exquisite, easy-to-use and amazingly slick app for all daily financial needs. This app is also beneficial for businesses, organizations and firms as it helps them handle financial transactions seamlessly. Features like fantasy sport groups, charity donations, tithe contributions and a variety of financial transactions can be completed in the CashStash mobile app.

  • Cross-Border payments.
  • Spending Analyzer.
  • Shared Wallet for groups.
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About coin


CSH Coin will impact how users make transactions and payments in a positive way.

Coin Image


CSH Coin will be used by all users in the CashStash network and will be equivalent to the amount the user deposit. CSH will be the mode of transactions and have real value in our network. It can be used for sending payments to friends and family, as well as accepting funds. Users will be able to easily access and buy CSH tokens in real time using our Android and iOS app. CSH Coins will sustain the true value the users converted from fiat onto the CashStash platform. CSH Coin transactions will be completed through the Stellar network. CSH can be exchanged with other tokens and coins over the Stellar network, making international payments seamless for CashStash users. Our team have been working to create partnerships with various stores, shops and merchants in various states across the US. CSH Coin will be accepted in multiple locations soon.



Sola Ayegbusi
Justin Rhim
Abidemi Olafusi
Turner Coggins III
D’Angelo Gantt


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